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Lotus Exige Trackmaster

A full day on track in a new Lotus Exige S. For those who want a more in depth day than a just a standard track 'Experience' or a 'Corporate' day out.

The Trackmaster is designed with track time and quality in mind, and is aimed primarily for people who have done some track driving before and want to develop their technique. Also for novices wanting to actually learn something rather than just get a cheap 20 minute thrill, this is a popular option.

The total cost for the day starts at only £1500+VAT, so shared between 3 people in total, the cost can be as little as a very reasonable £500+VAT each. With inclusive datalogging and video, as well as a standard debrief form to measure your progress, this is a great way to do a full day on track without breaking the bank.  

The circuit

Traditionally, this course has taken place at Silverstone on the Southern Circuit. However, now it is available at several circuits, including (but not limited to): the full Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit, Bedford Autodrome, Brands Hatch and Oulton Park.

Car Specification

Car: Lotus Exige S
Engine: Supercharged 1796cc Toyota with Variable Valve Timing technology 
Power output: 220 BHP
Weight: 935kg

Drive / engine configuration: Rear wheel drive, mid-engine

Gearbox: 6 Speed
0-60mph time: 4.5 seconds

Top speed: 146 MPH
Cost new: £40,000+

Format Guide 
8.30 am - Arrival, signing on & informal briefing with questions & answers
9.30 am - Track session starts
1.00 pm - 2.00 pm - Lunch break
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm - Track Sessions continue

As a guide, if split between 3 people, the track time will be approximately 15-20 minutes per person per hour. This usually allows for over 30 laps per person. Anthony will do initial demonstration laps to familiarise you with the circuit before you drive. Further development demonstrations will be made as and when required. At the end of the day, Anthony will show how a professional would drive the circuit on a hot lap, together with a Drift or two for a bit of fun! 

For information on dates, or to discuss the course further please email here

Note: Please supply if possible: When you are hoping to do this, if weekdays or weekends are preferred, how many people (if more than yourself), any previous experience. 


Further notes:

  • To do this course, all you have to do is 'arrive & drive'. You will need your driving licence, but helmets are provided
  • The Lotus Exige is a reasonably small sportscar! The official requirements are: Height: 5ft 2ins - 6ft 2ins, Maximum Weight: 16st. If you are taller than this but skinny, it's not a problem! If you are heavier than this but short, it's not a problem! Please email if in any doubt
  • Weather - The day DOES run if it is raining. Many people find they actually learn more in these conditions. However, if is raining too heavily to hamper visibility badly or prevent any decent speed on the straights (ie there's too much standing water), the session cannot run. This is also applicable for thick fog or snow & ice - any conditions that seriously impede the enjoyment or safety of driving around a circuit. In the circumstances of a non-event, the day will have to rebooked at mutual convenience. In the circumstances of a partial event (ie the day has to be cancelled by lunchtime) a credit to the value of the session remaining will be given.


Anthony has been running these courses for a number of years and has outstanding feedback.... 

Testimonials on the Exige Trackmaster

"I am definitely enjoying my driving more and driving through my corners much to Mike's delight...after nearly 40 years I have finally got there!!! Many thanks." Fiona Thornewill, MBE, European Woman of the year

"Thanks for a superb day last Friday at Silverstone. Can't wait to see the videos. I would also be interested in taking a few of my petrol head clients on a similar experience. We have already been looking at a few Corporate Events (incl. the Jonathan Palmer experience) but your format is great - informal & low key with plenty of track time." Russell Lloyd

"Just a quick note to say how much fun I had yesterday. Fantastic! Until yesterday, the smell of burnt rubber has always put me off a bit, but now I kinda like it. I had speed-induced dreams last night and woke up thinking about high speed cornering, apex clipping, and drift. Go faster!!!" George Nimeh

"Thanks for an outstanding day at Silverstone last week. I have been on many track days but this was without question the best I have ever attended. You tailored the day to our individual skills (or lack of!) and made sure that we all had a fun day. I learnt more from your briefing than I have learnt from all the previous track days I have attended. The success of the day was the one to one tuition and a group of three was the ideal size." Andrew Lowden

"Could I take this opportunity to thank you for a brilliant day. It exceeded all our expectations....we were all very impressed with your ability, not just in your car control, but in your ability to give meaningful instruction." Steve Green

"Just a quick note to say thank you again for a fantastic day yesterday in the Exige. Not only was it a totally fun day, but I was also amazed at how hard you could push a car and still keep it on the track (even my spin didn't end up on the grass). But then again, in the hot laps with you it was so apparent how much more the car had to give - only whet's the appetite further! Your teaching style just generates confidence which enables learning to happen so much more quickly.....On a serious note I have already noticed the impact on my road driving. Strangely enough the biggest change has been the use of a balanced throttle through a corner - it is far smoother now that I am accelerating at the right point. This was by far the best track day I have ever done - 43 laps with me at the wheel and not one person passed me! I will certainly be coming back for more next year." Colin Brooker

"Thanks for a great day. I want to do it again........so does Andy. Well done." Jeremy Dunn

"The day in the Exige was excellent, both from a training and enjoyment point of view. Many of the techniques, when applied to normal road driving, within speed limits provide massive benefits in terms of driving style. Your way of teaching is particularly effective, developing confidence and improving technique." John Allen

"...just a quick thank you for Sunday - a fantastic if exhausting day, learnt loads and certainly got the bug. Thanks for instruction and patience." Rob McCormac

"Thanks for a great day recently. Anthony [nephew] really enjoyed himself and I was pleasantly surprised at how much he was able to get out of it seeing that he has only been driving for a short time. I had a brilliant time." Jules Kirby

"I have to really thank you for a great day...I really appreciated that you promote driving as a feeling rather than a mechanical process. I think it can make one a much more capable driver. It is said the ultimate driver is the one who is at one with his machine, and I certainly felt encouraged to cultivate this. Apart from this, it was simply great fun!" Kamal Kalsi

"Could I take this opportunity to thank you for a brilliant day. It exceeded all our expectations....we were all very impressed with your ability, not just in your car control, but in your ability to give meaningful instruction". Steve Green, Lincoln