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Timothy's improved pace at Donington

Posted by iwannagofaster on August 18, 2011 at 5:40 AM

Timothy Lyons showed his improving form in a Radical this weekend at Donington by qualifying 4th & 6th for the Clubmans Cup and running well in the UK Cup.

Timothy is coached by - and race with - Anthony and the two have been working together closely to improve his pace.

"Timothy's basic driving ability was never in question" said Anthony. "He always had good control and a fluid style but we just needed to bring out his confidence, particularly in corner entry speed which can be a challenge in these high downforce cars". Timothy was for the first time within 102% of Anthony's pace over the weekend and a number of front running competitors commented on his speed.

He ran in the top 7 in both Clubmans Cup races, finishing 7th in the first and looking like a top 6 was likely in the second, although a red flag and a subsequent difficult restart prevented this and he eventually finished 12th.

In the UK Cup a good run in the first race was stymied by a blown engine which prevented them from competiting in race 2.

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