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Aim Solo DL GPS Car LapTimer


Aim Solo DL GPS LapTimer with ECU Connection

Offers all the functions of Aim Solo DL GPS Laptimer, plus the ability to connect to your car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) and to the optional camera, SmartyCam: a powerful data acquisition system recording important data - like RPM, throttle position and much more - linked to your position on track.

All this without additional sensors because of the ECU connection.

Aim Solo DL GPS Laptimer is a completely automatic lap timer based on GPS technology. It locates its GPS position, identifies the finish line coordinates and starts, completely automatically, sampling lap times.

Solo can fit all situations: circuits, hill climbs, regularity, point to point races, performance tests. Solo shows and records speed, accelerations, braking... all the data you need while racing. The data review, immediately after, helps you to analyse your performance.

Solo most important feature is to show your Lap Times.

At power up, Solo recognizes in the internal list of the world main tracks the circuit where you are and its finish line coordinates, which are the base for its very precise lap time calculation

Select Your Race Mode

Aim Solo GPS Lap Timer With a simple keyboard configuration Aim Solo DL GPS Laptimer can manage four different forms of motorsports: speed races in a closed circuit, point-to-point races, regularity and performance tests.

In all these different situations Solo gives the proper information during the test and a powerful data review immediately after.

Data Recall

Aim Solo GPS Lap Timer Aim Solo DL GPS Laptimer shows different lap time modes, fully configurable:

- Rolling lap time

- Static lap time

- Predictive lap time (screenshot 1), calculated during the current lap

- Predictive lap time(screenshot 2), calculated as difference between the above and the best lap

- Best lap

- Data Download To Your PC

You can at any time recall and review the recorded data, in a very simple way. Connecting Solo to your PC, data can be analysed and shown in tables, graphs and histograms using the powerful Race Studio 2 professional software, which comes with the product.

ECU Connection

In addition to all of Solo's powerful functions, SoloDL can be connected to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of your car to sample, record and display. Additionally this data can be displayed on optional AiM SmartyCam generated video. Additional sensors and complicated wiring are not required with ECU supplied information. You can get all the info you need to improve your driving skills like RPM, throttle position, brake pressure and much more.

There are many different ECU protocols and AiM has developed a huge database to make connection to virtually all possible stock and racing ECUs.

Hardware compatibility: ECUs transmit data according to three different standards: OBDII connection which is typical of stock/production cars and CAN or RS232 connections which are the standard for racing/aftermarket ECUs.

SoloDL is compatible with all of these standards thanks to the huge AiM database of ECU protocols that is constantly updated and freely downloadable here.

To connect Solo to your car, you need to choose the cable that fits to your car: SoloDL comes with your choice of cable for stock/production cars or for racing/aftermarket ECUs.

ECU selection: with RaceStudio2 software it is possible to select from more than 500 specific ECU protocols, allowing Solo to read,record, and display the ECU data.

Pages configuration: like Solo, SoloDL allows fully User customizable pages to be configured with the desired data.

Data analysis: after each test, it is possible to analyze all of the data recorded. You will understand your performance at all positions on the track with the powerful Race Studio 2 professional software. Your data will be displayed in graphs, histograms and tables. This software is currently used by thousands of users all around the world. 

SmartyCam Connection

SoloDL can easily be connected to the AiM SmartyCam, creating an even more powerful system.

The on-board camera accepts data from SoloDL, both GPS and ECU based data, and overlays the data directly onto the videos.

SmartyCam can read the ECU data and GPS laptimes sampled by SoloDL

On SoloDL display you can see SmartyCam status details i.e. the amount of free microSD card memory, battery level, recording status, diagnostic messages, etc

SmartyCam can record SoloDL data on its microSD card, for more convenient and quicker data management.

Later, on your PC you can easily synchronize data and video for an even more powerful solution

Whats in The Box

Solo DL Display for Car

USB Cable

USB / AC Power Adaptor

2m Power Cable

Mounting Bracket With Screws

User Manual

Aim Racing Guide

Aim Decal

Race Studio 2 Software

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